Get to know Denise!

In our next installment of getting to know our staff, we're turning our attention to our amazing hygienist, Denise!

Through and through, Denise is dental field veteran! She began her career in the field in 1993 and joined us here at Summit Dental Care in 2008! And for the last 6 years, she has been helping our patients achieve and maintain phenomenal dental health.

If you ask Denise what she loves most about the office, she'll tell you that it is seeing her co-workers and our patients who have all become close friends to her!

Denise's free time is occupied by creative and crafty adventures, spending time with her eight-year-old son and her dog, Roscoe. Oh, and she absolutely LOVES everything Disney! But, if you've been around Denise for any amount of time, you probably already knew that!

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